1. Question: Where can I buy Ragin' Cajun and Treasure products?

    In addition to some independent retailers, our products are sold at Kroger and Publix stores in Georgia and Florida. 
  2. Question: Can I freeze Ragin' Cajun and Treasure products? 

    Yes, you can freeze our smoked sausage products for up to 6 months.

  3. Question: Do I need to remove the casing on Ragin' Cajun sausage before consuming the product? 

    No. Ragin' Cajun products are made from 100% pure pork and naturally smoked in natural casings.

  4. Question: Once I open a package of product, does the expiration date on the package change? 

    Yes, after opening a package, we recommend you strictly follow the safe handling instructions printed on the package.

  5. Question: What other foods go well with Ragin' Cajun and Treasure Sausage when these products are served as an appetizer? 

    Our products make great appetizers when served with cheese, crackers and assorted vegetables and dip. 

  6. Question: What are the preferred methods of preparing American Smokehouse Meats products? 

    Our products are great grilled, sautéed in a frying pan or heated in a conventional or microwave oven.